Outlander Chronicles, Day 438

Over a year ago I started the quest to listen to all Outlander audiobooks again to refresh my memory of events and characters before book 8 which was due to be out in the spring of 2014. I thought I’d get through all the books in 2013 already, but I got distracted and thus was glad, that the publication date was postponed to the summer. But I just now realized that MOBY (or as it’s officially titled “Written in My Own Hand’s Blood” will be out in only 66 days on 5 June 2014. And as the first 90+ days of the year seemed to have passed in a whirlwind, June will be here before I know it. And I still have to finish the “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” audiobook and the complete “Echo in the Bone” one.
A quick calculation tells me that I’ve got 50 hours of audiobooks left. It’s less than one hour per day, which I should be able to manage as I’ve got a 90 minute commute in the car 5 days/week. But it’s still a bit daunting. I really shouldn’t have let it slide so much in the past few months. I guess I have to blame Frank Turner for that *g*

But I will continue this quest with new vigor from this day on, because I really need to refresh my memory of the last book. I haven’t read that as a whole more than once and I can recall some events and relationships only vaguely. Others I do recall in detail (probably because I’ve read those scenes a dozen times) Scenes like “And who the bloody hell am I?” – “You’re a stinking papist and your baptismal name is James.” :-)

I will have to remember to take Friday 6th June off from work to enjoy a long Pentecost Weekend (Monday’s a public holiday) with my favourite fictional characters…

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