Writer’s Block…

So quick, turn off your stereo
Pick up that pen and paper
Yeah, you could do much better
Than some skinny half-arsed English country singer
(Try This At Home ~ Frank Turner, 2009)

I’ve looked through some old entries as I was looking for something in my blog archives recently and realized that I really, really am suffering from writer’s block these days. Seriously. I have all these ideas for various posts, short ones and random ones and none of them are world-changing essays on global issues (or something similar important *g*). And they don’t have to be. I always only wrote about random stuff from my life, things I wanted to share or to memorize for myself. And that was good enough for me. Back then.
I have honestly NO idea when that view has changed. Why I am doubting my choice of topics so much these days that I don’t even start typing. It’s frustrating and it’s really dragging me down and I have no real idea how to change it. Which adds to the frustration.

The more I think about it, I realize, that, what’s pissing me of the most is, that there was a time, when despite my many insecurities about basically everything else I still obviously found the confidence to put my thoughts into words and publish them for anyone to read. (I don’t want to ponder the limited audience of this blog now *g*). And even though I might have gotten some more confidence in other areas of my life, I miss the once existing confidence to just write about anything and hit publish.

I can’t really pinpoint when that confidence started dwindling. But maybe realizing that I really miss it, is a first step in the right direction? You’ll never know…

Quite the epiphany for an ordinary Monday in March, eh? *g*

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