My Last Sunrise Avenue Show For A While…

Before the weekend comes to an end (how did that happen so fast anyway?) I should at least write a short post about the concert on Saturday. My friend and I went to seen Sunrise Avenue for what was the probably 10th time in the last 4-5 years. It was the first outdoors gig for me in a while and I know why I usually try to avoid those. When we had bought the tickets in March we expected late August to be a good date for an outdoor show. Late August 2014 in Germany though? Not so much. It was about 15°C and rained for a long while before the show and during the set of the supporting act and even at the beginning of the Sunrise show. And even though it wasn’t pouring heavily. it still sucked. Especially for people wearing glasses like I do. *sigh*

The concert itself was good, but I have to admit that I’m not sure if I’ll be overly keen to see them play again anytime soon. Which makes me quite sad to admit, because there was a time, when Sunrise concerts were quite a lot of fun! A LOT of fun! I still like their music and they are all good musicians and singers and all, but that comradeship among the guys on stage seemed to have disappeared in the last two years. I noticed it first at the concert I went to in the spring and I had hoped that it had been a one time thing due to the new very big stage and all. But unfortunately it was still lacking during the show this weekend.
And they once again didn’t play a medley! I’m afraid they might have scratched that from their repertoire for good and that’s really disappointing. The medley was one of the many things that made their shows so much fun because you never quite knew what they would play this time.

All in all it felt like a good, but still rather ordinary show from a successful band, like the dozens of other successful bands around. It wasn’t anything special anymore and at the moment I can’t see myself being first in line to get a ticket for the next tour. Especially if they continue to play the big arenas, where the tickets are rather expensive. It’s sad, really.

One very cool thing about this show: They played “Choose To Be Me” which is my favourite of their songs and they don’t play that live all that often, so that was pretty awesome. And it made me all sorts of sentimental, because there was a time when that song meant so much to me, that I choose this line as title for my blog. Back then… almost feels like a life time ago now. Strange, isn’t it?

I was searching my blog for previous Sunrise Avenue reviews and found the one I wrote almost two years ago. The contrast couldn’t be bigger, I think! It almost makes me wonder if it’s me who has changed that much or if it is the band after all? Right now I think it maybe 15% me, 85% the band…

My post from 28 August 2012: Sunrise Avenue Rocked Again

And here is one of the many, many, many medley clips from previous concerts….

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