#MicroblogMondays 8: Weekend Fun

darts102014 Two of my older brothers are quite keen on playing Darts. And we’re not even British! :-) I don’t know when the whole interest in Darts began, but a few years ago Bro2 started hosting a Fun Darts-Tournament / Barbecue every summer for friends and co-workers and then another co-worker hosted a tournament in the fall or in the winter and so on.

They were one player short for an event on Saturday, so Bro2 asked if I’d like to come along. And I did, well knowing that I’d be probably the worst player there but I didn’t mind, because someone has to be the worst / last, right? And when it comes to Darts I’m not ambitious at all. I might not even have been the worst player, maybe I was just the one with the least of luck *g*? Anyway, when you looked at the results and ranking and such I came last, but I didn’t mind. I had fun just like the rest of us.

And the Darts bug bit me a little bit again as well. I might just start practising a bit more. Once my arm muscles are less sore.

On totally unrelated news, but worth mentioning regardless: My “About Me” page got the long overdue overhaul this weekend. It’s gotten longer that I had planned it to be, but for now I’m quite satisfied with it, so I won’t change it. Yet :-)

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  1. Mel says:

    We have one of those magnetic dart boards. Not quite as exciting, but you can’t take an eye out with the magnetic ones. So a win on that end.

    Better to have fun and be last than to be first but have felt stressed/miserable during the evening trying to get to be first.

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