Thinking All The Thoughts…

I could have just taken down the image and word counter on the widget bar on the right and waited till anyone would notice, but that would be stupid, right? So, after just five days, well, three actually, I gave up on NaNoWriMo. Because my mind is just not into it at the moment. My mind is busy dealing with the aftermath of having my purse stolen and my mind just won’t shut up with all those thoughts.

The thoughts I need to think, like: how and when to replace all the stolen documents, who to call about stuff, how to deal with it all financially and such.

The thoughts I tend to think, in which I beat myself up for putting the purse down and for not having updated my liability insurance and how it is all my own fault and that I’m stupid and useless (or something along that line).

The thoughts I should think, like I don’t want to think those negative thoughts and I should do some things to stop them. Like get back to being more mindful and meditate and think more positivily and get back to journalling and such. Reading uplifting and helpful essays on it all, because other people have managed to do it before me, right?

Soooo, NaNoing is postponed yet again for another year or maybe just half a year. There always is CampNano and maybe that is even a better fit for the writing ideas running around my mind. Because the truth is, my novel idea is kind of a thrown together thing of various unique ideas and maybe those are better fit for something like seperate short stories. Something I could very well do during CampNaNo. Or… anytime before that. Woah, what a rebellious thought :-)

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