2015, More Or Less…

Here we are… brand new year, clean slate and all. I’m not making specific resolutions this year, because that didn’t really work out so well last year, did it? But I’m hoping to do my best to to make 2015 a year with

  • less procrastination
  • more laughter
  • more focus
  • less worrying
  • more reading
  • more photography
  • less health issues
  • more writing
  • more learning
  • less doubt
  • more time spent with friends
  • less self-consciousness
  • more exploring
  • more sleep
  • less overthinking
  • more movies
  • more blogging
  • less self-critiscm
  • more cycling
  • more patience
  • less fear
  • more mindfulness
  • more and less impulsiveness (and yes, that does totally make sense)
  • more singing
  • and definitely more dancing

And let there always, ALWAYS be enough chocolate (and coffee. But most importantly… chocolate!)

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