Where Did January Go?

I keep losing days
That used to take a lifetime
In the blinking of an eye.
(Losing Days ~ Frank Turner, 2013)

How can it be the last day of January already? Where did that month go? I thought 2014 had passed in a blur, but when I look back on January it seems that this month passed even quicker. No idea what that means for this (new) year…

It was a sort of a weird month. At the beginning I had high hopes I would stop with some of my rather self-sabotaging behaviour like procrastinating and worrying and doubting and all that crap. But it’s easier said (or hoped) than actually done. Work was rather busy right away that probably threw me off a bit. I also had a lot of stuff going on on the first three weekends and I really missed these free days to take a breather. That’s why I’ve been rather lazy last weekend and on this one as well.

I also had high hopes for writing more here on this blog. And I had all those posts thought out, usually while I’m driving in my car (to or from work or wherever), but then when I got home I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down in front of the computer and actually start typing. It wasn’t just that I was too exhausted and just preffered to collapse in front of the TV. In a lot of cases it also was a severe case of writer’s block. Which might just be another form of procrastination (And worrying and doubting)? I don’t know…

For what it’s worth I’m planning to do better in February. Write more. Doubt less.

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