The Vaguest Resolution for Lent 2015

This post will be all over the place and might not make much sense, but my mind is all over the place tonight as well. I was about to not write a post about Lent at all, because I’m soooo tired. No idea why, but around 5 pm this afternoon I hit a wall of exhaustation.

Anyway, Lent… I hadn’t actually planned to give up anything for the next seven weeks. I’ve done that (quiet successfully) for a couple of years. But I’ve been also cutting back somewhat on sweets, chocolate and such over the last few months anyway. I’ve lost over 10 pounds since last summer, which isn’t much (yet) but at least it’s consistent. I loose some weight and then it stalls, and then I lost some more. Maybe because I’m not too strict about everything. And maybe the Fitbit and trying to keep track of what I eat and how much I “exercise” helped as well.

So, no giving up sweets/snacks for Lent. The “Sven Weeks Without…” Campaign of the Protestant/Lutheran churches in Germany this year has got the motto: “…without negative talk/thoughts” (about yourself and others). That’s definitely something I can get behind, because I talk/think too negatively about myself and others way too often. Maybe I will try to that. I also thought about giving up limiting time spend on social media and I might try that as well…

Only vague ideas what to give up / do for Lent. That’s going to work out well. Not. Probably. I don’t know. I always liked the idea of having a clear time frame to do / give up something and the kind of community, even if I haven’t really joined a church group or something.

I told you this wouldn’t make much sense… :-)

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