Early July Miscellaneous…. (From A – Z)

A few months ago a very good friend asked me to be godmother to one of her twindaughters and I was touched and honoured and of course said Yes. The baptism of the two girls happened last Sunday and it was such a lovely day. They both were champs about it, didn’t cry or fussed, far from it. And it was really nice to spend a relaxing afternoon / evening with them and their families and friends. I’ve never been around babies much before, so the next few months and years are going to be exciting and fun. I can’t wait…

I contemplated doing CampNano this year. I’ve got an idea and I set it all up, but I haven’t written a word yet. Because of all the heat! I’m not sure I’ll really start with it, let’s see how this next week works out. But I guess it was good thing to not put up a “Camp2015 participant” banner here ;-)

We’ve had quite a heatwave in my parts of Germany this last week and I hate it. I’ve never been a fan of temperatures above 30 °C (85°F) and we had those around here since Tuesday. I know a lot of MS patients are troubled by high temperatures, but I never really had huge problems with this before. The ocassional flare of tingling or numbness in my limbs like during an MS attack, but nothing that’s really troubled me. What has been troubling me this time though was an incredible fatigue. Which is weird, because that’s an MS symptom or sideffect I usually don’t suffer from. But this last week the heat really was killing me. I was knackered every evening around 8 PM. This weekend the heatwave hit it’s peak, which for me meant not living my apartment at all. And that really was the best decision, I think.

Three more weeks (and 1,5 days) until I board my plane for Glasgow. I can’t wait! I still haven’t worked out all of the details of how to spend my time in the cities and on the Western Isles, but I’m determined to get some more planning done next week.

Oh, how I wish I would have a higher one. It sucks to doubt yourself in so many ways. So many times. On so many ocassions. I know I don’t have to or better shouldn’t take everything to heart as much as I do, but I can’t help it. Yes, that’s cryptic again, but I don’t feel like explaining it in detail, especially as it still would be mostly cryptic, as I try to be more circumspect on this blog when it comes to more personal or recognisable stuff. Paranoia, and all *g* And it all isn’t even a big deal this time, I’m more pissed off at myself how one tiny Facebook comment troubled me for much longer than it should have!

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Diana Gabaldon mentioned Susan Elizabeth Phillips in a Facebook post as writer of contemporary romance novels, with interesting plots, twists, lot of humor and great sex scenes (well maybe not in those words *g*) Anyway I decided to check her out and absolutely loved her latest story “Heroes Are My Weakness” and also enjoyed “It Had To Be You” from 1994. This one is the first of a lose series about people involved with a NFL team and I’m planning to start a 2nd one from that series tonight. This first one was quite the entertaining read, some cliches, but also a lot of twists and sparks between the main characters. And yes, a lot of pretty great sex scenes, I have to admit it… :-)

I spent quite some time watching Wimbledon this weekend. Too bad Dustin Brown lost in the 3rd round and I was really rooting for Heather Watson as well. What a great performance against Serena. I usually don’t watch Tennis at all, but as I was cooped up at home and didn’t have any intersting DVDs to watch, Tennis it was. It felt a bit like a weird throwback to the Eighties, where I remember sitting in front of the TV with all blinds closed even though it was a great summer. But Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were competing and all Germany was in a frenzy, this 10 year old as well :-)

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