Just Write!

Life’s too short to be afraid.
(Strong ~ Robbie Williams, 1999)

In case you hadn’t noticed – because you read the blog on your phone and it’s shown in the simple WP mobile design or via any kind of feed reader – I’ve change the look here once again. Back to a theme I’ve used some time ago. Can’t really say why. Just that I felt it was time for a change and for something that looks more tidy.

For some reasons this evening I started looking for some older posts and then I got sucked into reading not just the ones I was looking for, but also other ones I wrote a few years ago. And I was amazed how many more posts and about how many different things and how much more personal I actually wrote back then. And then I got a bit sad and maybe even ashamed, well maybe not that, but I’m lacking a better adjective at the moment, that I stopped doing that. Stopped writing about what’s on my mind. I guess I did stop because I started to get more afraid of what people might think of me, when I share more of my thoughts and emotions. The emotions especially. I don’t know. I sat here and read these posts and was just amazed how much more open I was about all kinds of stuff. And I want to go back there. Or more precise: get that back.

So that’s what I’m planning to try and do again. To just write!

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