Miscellaneous from A – Z, Mid-September 2015

Starting my new ambition to bring this blog back to life with a quick A – Z. Until I can come up with some more original content :-)

Fandoms on Social Media
Well, Outlander mostly, of course. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now due to two “events” actually. The many fan / behind the scene photos of Outlander shooting on location in Prague and a “what constitues a spoiler (book/TV) and how to deal with it” sort of discussion, that got a bit nasty in my opinion two days ago. I was just a bystander in this, but the person who got attacked was on my side of the argument, so I took it personal as well. I don’t want to go into it now here again, because I really want to let it go, even though there is still some of it going on in some Twitter conversations. I was also a bit amazed about myself that after my initial excitment about all the fan photos from Prague, I was pretty soon kind of over it all as well. Maybe it was Terry Dresbach’s post about how she feels about costume spoilers? Maybe it was something else. I have no idea. I just realized for me in both cases, that sometimes it’s just time to take a step back from all of this and to not get to engaged and to just not freaking care! Easier said than done, when it’s about a story (book AND TV) I care about and in a fandom in which I do want to get along with my fellow fans.

I’m still suffering from a stupid cold. A cough mostly. I don’t know if it has turned or will turn into a bronchitis, I hope not. I’ve called in sick at work for Thursday/Friday, because I really wasn’t up for work on Thursday. If my co-worker and office mate would have had something to say in it, I would have called in sick a week ago. Because I’ve been feeling sick and having a hacking cough since LAST Thursday (or even Wednesday). But there were important meetings at work and projects assignments I had to finish and all that.

It’s stupid to put work before health and it never goes well, I should have know that. Especially with a compromised immune system like I got it from my MS meds, which whole point is to partially shut down the immune system. I sometimes forget that it makes me more suspectible to other kind of infections as well or at least makes it a bit harder to fight them. I don’t even know if that’s the case here, but I’ll stick with it anyway :) MS sucks!

I’m also a bit worried about travelling all across the country (sort of) and standing outside in possibly freezing temperatures  for the Frank Turner tour in January.

My favourite (ice-)hockey team, the Cologne Sharks, is off to a great start this season. I haven’t seen a game live or on TV yet and I admit I’m not following them as closely as I did a few years ago. But they’ve already been in good form in the pre-season and now they’ve got 8 points in the first 3 matches and rank #2 in the league. Pretty cool. I know, 3 out of over 50 games are not really something to go on, but it still feels nice.

Madam Secretary
I’m rewatching “Madam Secretary” to get ready for Season 2. I’m still amazed how wonderfully normal the McCords family is written. Yes this husband and wife have differences, but they resolve them like adults. They fight and they make up and  they are sexy and fun to watch both of it. And they are great parents; dealing with the everyday issues of parents: broken hearts, school assignments, sleep overs, driving lessons and it’s always fun to watch. The main plotlines about international conflicts or conspiracy within the government and such aren’t always my cup of tea, because it sometimes feels too farfetched or too simplified. But Elizabeth’s staff at the office are wonderful characters as well and they play off each other well. So I’m looking forward to S2.

My love for Scotland and my love for Sam Heughan and HIS love for Rugby has really got me hooked on this sport by now. Yeah, I know, weird chain of argument, but I don’t care. It’s fun to watch, once you understand the basic rules and get an idea where to look for the ball in the scrum. And how can you not love a game that contains “scrum” as offical vocabulary. But maybe that’s just me, the non-native Anglophile talking :-)

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