Mug Shot #14: Stornoway

Why did I stop with my mug shots?* When I have bought so many, mostly as souvenirs, over the last two years? Be prepared for a dozen of pics of my mugs over the next days/weeks. Just because… But seriously there are quite a few nice ones, I think…

This one I bought in the lovely café / shop at Storonway Harbour and it’s a lovely memory of this nice little town and the beautiful island. Plus: it’s fit for right- AND left-handed folks. A lot of mugs are decorated in a way, that lefthanders only see a blank “back” of a mug. But this one is painted all over PLUS on both insides. I think it’s actually the first one I’ve seen like this. So GO Stornoway :-)

*Yes, I know “mug shot” is usually a term for something else. That’s the fun of it :-)

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