Scotland Vacation 2015 – Coast and Beaches

Posting the last batch of my vacation photos is making me feel sentimental. About something that has happened just four weeks ago (and not a lifetime). I know while I was on Lewis and Harris I was moaning about the weather quite a bit, because a) yes, it was cooler than I had expected and prepared for and b) yes, it was raining more than I had wished for. But I had a lovely time regardless. These pictures are the best proof, I think.

The Sunday trip to Great Berena was kind of ruined by the rain, but it cleared up in the late afternoon, so after an early supper, I drove up to the north coast of Lewis to spend some time at Tolsta Beach and it was amazing. So was Monday morning at Colls Beach, just a few minutes drive out of Stornoway. And on Tuesday I braved the tiny roads and hills on my drive around Harris to be rewarded with views of the lovely beaches on the westcoast, ending with a few hours on Luskentyre Beach. It’s a rather adventureous drive to get there, but it was sooooooo worth it.

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