Scotland Vacation 2015 – Sights on Lewis & Harris

For five days of my week on Lewis and Harris I had rented a car to get around, because even though there are buses, travelling with them needs a lot of scheduling, because some are just going 5-6 times a day. I was worried I’d either have to leave a nice place early or be forced to stay in a boring place because the next bus wasn’t due for 2 hours. So I got myself a car. It was my first time driving on the “wrong” side of the road, but it all went surprisingly well. Probably because there isn’t a lot of traffic on the island to begin with. Unfortunately it rained more than I expected, so some of my trips to see sights or just spend time on the beach were cut short or didn’t happen after all. I still saw a lot of beautiful sights, locations, beaches (those will be featured in my last vacation post) and enjoyed it all and that’s what matters.

On Friday my first day trip lead me to the Standing Stones at Callanish, the Carloway Broch and the Blackhouse Village. On Saturday I drove up to Butt of Lewis, but it was very rainy and windy that day, so I just spent a lovely time at a art gallery/cafe half way back to Storonway. Sunday was a rainy day as well, which was a bit sad, because I drove out to Great Berena and they do have lovely beaches there. Just no fun in the rain. It stopped raining in the evening though and I drove up to Tolsta beach, which was lovely (photos in the next post).

Monday morning was spent at yet another beach before I explored the surroundings of Stornoway (war memorial and such) and Tuesday, my last day with a car, I spent driving down to Harris. It was quite the experience, because the tiny roads went up and down and up and down again and you had to look out for sheep on the road and hikers and cyclists. Nervwrecking in some moments, but all in all, I’m proud I managed it without any incident…

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