This Simple Kind Of Stuff, No.9

I was feeling ok-ish yesterday, even though my GP put me on sick leave. It was the coughing and the raspy voice and everything that mostly troubled me. And the exhaustion. But I wasn’t feeling so sick that I would spent the day in bed. I probably should have instead of rewatching “Madam Secretary”? I don’t know. I went to bed around 10 pm and slept for almost 10 hours, so I definitely needed the sleep. And I’m planning to head back to bed soon now to get some more rest. It’s definitely a “stay in my PJs and mostly in bed” kind of day. Sick leave after all…

Still, yesterday I thought it was time to revive this category and that’s what I’m  planning to do more regularily. Note and appreciate the little things. Or the big things. All the moments and persons and circumstances I’m grateful for…

  • living in a country with affordable health care for everyone and a working environment with paid sick leave, so I really can stay home and recuperate without worries
  • Understanding and sympathetic co-workers
  • Family who is always on hand when I’m asking for a quick favour (it works both ways though *g*)
  • The McCord Family in “Madam Secretary”
  • The two cute little kids I saw in town yesterday
  • new photos from “my” twins
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate :)


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if massive amount of wealth and power is required to be happy. But this post reaffirmed by belief opposite of it. It’s possible to be happy and live great with just enough money to cover expenses.

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