This And That And My Advent in the 21st Century ;-)

If I thought it would actually resolve the anxiety I’m suffering from right now over something I might have messed up at work, I would tell you all about it in detail right away. Or as in the vague sort of non-details I only feel comfortable in to talk about my work. Anyway, I don’t think it would help, so I’ll spare you. Just know that I think I might have messed something up, because I didn’t take the initiative early enough. Yes, of course this had to come back and bite me! I don’t know. It might work out after all, but until tomorrow morning or even not before next week or in 2 weeks time I won’t know if we can go forward with this project or not. And how to explain it to my boss if we can’t.

All that and then I also totally got flustered at the team meeting this morning, when a coworker asked some details about another project and I couldn’t really answer her question and I felt like a complete idiot! I hate that some people can still make me feel that way. And that I let them *sigh*

I’ll probably spend the night tossing and turning and thinking… And trying to just breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat… But I hate that work makes me feel so anxious and panicky once again.

° ° ° °

Over the weekend I finally decided to replace my TV set with a new one. Confession time: I’ve still owned only a medium sized cathode ray tube TV. Dinosaur, I know. Go ahead, laugh at me and get it out of your system ;-) The thing is, even though I’m sort of a TV series junkie, I was always still content with this TV even though of course the picture is a crappy quality compared to LED screens. I was just too frugal or too miserly to spend a few hundred Euro on a new TV when the one I’ve got was still working fine and I could spend the few hundred Euros on things like… going to London to see Frank Turner play the Albert Hall ;-). But I’ve been watching a bit more sports recently and a smallish ray tube screen sucks for this nowadays. I had planned to replace the TV by the end of this year, but recently I just felt like I can’t watch another rugby or hockey or football game on this one.

This weekend I found a good offer online from our local consumer electronics retailer and went there after work today. This specific offer wasn’t available anymore, but they had an even better one. More expensive than the offer I had found first, but a much better TV and thus worth the money. And still 150 EUR cheaper than the usual price for this one: Smart TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and all that jazz. Oh dear, I’m afraid my monthly expenses for entertainment will increase in the future *g*

While I was at it, I snapped up the last Blu-ray player they had on sale, because I hadn’t owned one of those yet (go on, laugh again *g* But there is no use for Blu-ray with a crappy old TV set, is it?). I’ve already wrangled Bro3 to take me to IKEA tomorrow evening, because I now need a new TV bench for this larger TV set and the one I have my eyes on doesn’t fit it into my tiny car. I love Bro3 for his willingness to just take me anywhere on a whim.

The TV will be delivered and set up first thing Saturday morning and I’m getting excited. I will be able to watch Scotland facing Samoa at the Rugby Worldcup in HD on a 40” TV (which is going to be huge for my tiny livingroom. Something to get used to). And I should probably order the Outlander S1 Vol 1 DVD Blu-ray as well to christen the player with on Saturday night :-)

° ° ° °

And while I was at it I bought the last three Biffy Clyro albums on iTunes, because the songs Spotify plays for me are all awesome and they deserve to be checked out more closely.

Retail Therapy Galore!

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