[>140] Hours Before Take-Off

Yesterday on Twitter I shared a buzzfeed (?!) article about “15 Awesome German Words”. Words that don’t have a adequate equivalent in English (or any other language). Germans are – or at least seem to be – known and sometimes envied for some of their words which sum up emotions or situations perfectly in one word.

Why don’t we have word for this weird pre-vacation-state of mind then, when you’re equally excited about going on vacation and anxiously worrying that something might go wrong. One word for this weird state of mind when your thoughts switch from¬†“OMG, I’m soooo looking forward to the beach” and “OMG, have I really packed everything important? I should go and check one more time!” within mere moments.

Or is it just me?

[>140] is my very own Twitlonger feature. When I just quickly want to share some thoughts, which consist of more than 140 characters. But not really that many as I would consider calling it a blog post. 

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