A few quick thoughts on the latest Outlander episodes

I put off writing about episode 3 because I was insanely busy all week and honestly also because I was afraid once I start putting my thoughts into written words about episode 3 and now also episode 4 I might come off as a grumpy disgruntled book fan. Which I’m not. I hope. I still love the show, because after all it is my favourite book come true. I love to see Claire and Jamie and all the characters I know from the books. The costumes and set design are a feast for sore eyes, the acting is wonderful again andĀ the plot is entertaining enough. But…

I can’t help it: there are a few things about this adaptation that are bothering me a bit. And I’m afraid once I start writing an episode review and spend time on dissecting it scene by scene my mind might tend to focus on the things that are bothering me and not on the things I liked and enjoyed. It sucks to be a “glass half empty” person, you know!

In some regards I also haven’t quite figured out why this or that bothers me and if it might just be because I have a wrong understandingĀ of that character?

All in all, I don’t want to spend my Sunday trying to write a post which might turn out more damning than praising and to thus ruin my weekend with negative thoughts. So I guess I will instead spend my day listening to Ron’s podcasts for episode 2 – 4 which finally were published yesterday. (I at least didn’t see them earlier and I looked after episode 2 + 3).

I also might find time to write one of two other post that I’ve got snippets stored for in the back of my mind.

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