Past Midpoint for Outlander Season 2

I haven’t written much about Season 2 of Outlander here recently. I still watch it of course. Most episode multiple times to be honest, because I still enjoy the show a lot. It’s my favourite book after all and the show is still a pleasure to watch: the actors are amazing, so are the sets, the costumes and now that they’re back in Scotland there is the incredible Scottish landscape again as well. I’m not always on board with the choices Ron and his writing team made in adapting the book for TV though and that might have toned down my enthusiasm a few notches. Also I don’t want to spend my time online venting and whining and I still haven’t found the right mindset to not open a blog post with the things I dislike about an episode. The downside of a “glass half empty” personality, I guess.

But even even though I’m still not a big fan of some of the changes they made, Ron and the writers got the essential Jamie & Claire moments right and that’s all that should and does matter to me after all. I might not be such a enthusiastic (aka rabid) fan of “Everything-Outlander” as I have been a few years ago, but I consider that a good thing actually! Everything in moderation, right?

Moderation also means I won’t spend my two weeks in Scotland searching / visiting Outlander filming locations only. Just kidding. This had never been the plan anyway. Looking through older posts I realized I never really wrote more about my Scotland vacation plans here, but obviously only tweeted about it. Something that needs to be remedied now in an extra post.

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