Voyager (Outlander 3) Re-Read Challenge: Chapter 01

Filming for Outlander Season 3 started today in Scotland. Which seems like an appropriate day to finally start re-reading “Voyager”, the book this season will be based on. After “Outlander” (book 1) this is probably my 2nd favourite book of the series. I love the treasure hunt aspect of the first part and think it was a neat idea to tell the events of these 20 years that have past in both the 18th and the 20th century. I also very much enjoyed the sea voyage part of the story. I have a thing for big sailing ships and the ocean and everything about it. And of course this book has the reunion of Claire and Jamie. In the print shop in Fairfax Close *sigh*.

For this re-read I plan to read one chapter each day (to not have it interfere to much with the other novels I’m reading but also to make it last for a while) and I will try to post at least every 2nd or 3rd day. While reading and writing about it my plan is to focus on what certain aspects might mean for the TV show. Thoughts about which scenes I would definitely think should be included.  Thoughts about costumes and locations. Thoughts about new characters. And of course thoughts on anything else that might take my fancy. Here we go…

Chapter 01: The Corbies’ Feast
… in which Jamie finds himself still alive after the Battle of Culloden
I really hope Season 3 will start with exactly this scene. A close up of Jamie opening his eyes, the camera then panning out over the dead on the battlefield and then back to him in his despair once he’s realized that he didn’t die after all. Because once we readers knew that Jamie didn’t die on the battlefield we wanted to know what the hell had happened to him instead. And I bet it’s the same for the TV viewers. (Luckily I had started reading Outlander in 2009 so I had Voyager at hand once I had finished the previous book *g*)

For some reason I always forget that he wakes up next to a dead BJR and I hope they will really keep that in this scene (whenever they will actually show it in the series), because this is or will be important. At least that’s hinted at in books later one. I don’t want to see too much of the actual battle or at least not starting the show with it. To me it might work better to include it in some flashbacks later on.

I’m not sure how much of the scenes in the cottage we will actually get to see, but in my eyes they have to include the encounter with Lord Melton, William Grey’s brother, because it’s an essential part of the whole plot.

Here we have the first new character, although he won’t make another appearance until another 20 – 25 years later (depending on how much of the Lord John spin-off material they might include in the TV show), so I bet the actor himself might not make another appearance.

Not much to say about the costumes or sets from this chapter, but the make-up / prosthetic department at least can show their craft with the wound on Jamie’s leg ;-)


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2 Responses to Voyager (Outlander 3) Re-Read Challenge: Chapter 01

  1. Lydia Milnar says:

    I have read voyager but would love to see Jaimes face at the stones when Claire disappears falling to his knees crying just like she did then going to the battle – then go back to Claire in the 1900 then back to Jaime when he realizes he’s not dead

  2. Susanne says:

    There are so many ways they can start the series, aren’t there? I recently read that it’s going to start in 1948 with pregnant Claire in Boston, which might confuse a few TV viewers as well. :-) I guess we have to wait and see.

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