Scotland 2016: Day 12 – 14, Edinburgh

Day 12 – 14: 12 -14 July, Edinburgh
After my wonderful trip through the Highlands, I’ve spent two more days in lovely Edinburgh. Without any set plans, really, as I’ve been to this city a few times by now and have visited all the “must-see” sights. It’s always busy in the summer with the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Fringe festival on the horizon. I

On the first afternoon I found myself trekking up Arthur’s Seat once more, which for a few moments while I was doing it, considered a stupid idea ;-). But of course it is always worth it. I came back down on the west side this time and used the opportunity to walk along (or rather below) Salisbury Crags for the first time as well.


View of Salisbury Crags and Edinburgh from Arthur’s Seat

This time I also went to stroll around Dean Village and along the Leith for a while. Unfortunately the river foot path was blocked for some parts due to construction work.

And then there always are the Prince Streets Garden to just hang around in on a lovely summer day.

Next time I’ll be back in Edinburgh in the winter and it’s going to be interesting to see how different the city looks during that season… 

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