Thoughts on Adapting Outlander for TV: Voyager 21 – 23

I took a kind of unplanned break from re-reading / re-listening to Voyager. Even these few chapter I have listened to some time ago and now only find the time (and motivation) to write about it.

21: Q.E.D | 22 All Hallow’s Eve | 23 Craigh na Dun

These chapters brought my thoughts back on the previous few chapters and how they will bring the story back to the scenes from the season 2 finale. And more important how much of the search for Jamie through history we will actually see them do on screen. I have no idea actually how the writers will bring the various strings of plot together. Some of these scenes – like the “Deed of Sasine” document – were already included in season 2, where Claire finds it instead of Roger and Bree in the book. Roger and Bree get from that document to the article in a book from 1765, which they attribute to Jamie due to the handwriting. No idea how they will make that connection in the show then.

I’m curious to see if TV Claire will have some doubts and fears about going back as book Claire had. At the end of season 2 she was very determined, but of course that could be explained by a spur-of-the-moment “Jamie didn’t die at Culloden” thought. In the book the realization that he might be able still alive 20 years after they’ve parted comes on slowly once they’ve traced him through history.

I hope they will show some of how Claire with the help of Roger and Bree get’s ready for her trip back in time. Buying the “Jessica Gutenberg” dress, getting the old coins and such.

The actual departure might take place very similar to the way it’s described in the book with Claire stealing away at night and Bree and Roger still showing up at Craigh na Dun to see her off. They might include things from the letter Claire wrote to Bree, which we only read about in the next few chapters, I think. I also like to see some of the conversations between Bree and Roger, about Bree’s fear of having no one left who knows her.

Next up…. “Chapter 24: A. Malcolm, Printer” *sigh* But I’m not sure when I’ll be in the right mood to re-visit that chapter and to also gather the million thoughts I most probably have about how I want to see THESE scenes on TV :-)

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2 Responses to Thoughts on Adapting Outlander for TV: Voyager 21 – 23

  1. Sherry A says:

    It will be interesting to see how they portray these scenes from the book in the show. I’m not sure that time will permit it all.. and for that, I’m sad.. But, I still love the show and am looking forward to seeing it back on Starz (in the USA). Thank you for your thoughts on the “book to show” challenges.

  2. Susanne says:

    To me it’s fascinating to “deconstruct” these scenes from the book and think about what will make it onto the TV show and in which way. Voyager is such a huge book with so much happening and they’ve only got 13 episodes! I have no idea how Ron and the writers will manage that. But I’m sure I’ll enjoy watching it next year. And the books will always be there as well. If I miss something on the show, I just get the book and re-read the scenes :-) I will try to put up my next post (the printshop!!!) this weekend. Lots of thoughts on that one :-)

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