Taking Part in the Women’s March Movement

Two days ago I checked the Women’s March website to see if there was anything happening in my vicinity over here in Germany. And there was: Democrats Abroad organized a protest in front of the US Consulate in Düsseldorf, which is about 45 minutes drive from where I live. So that’s where I spent my morning, freezing my feet off despite a few circle marches around the square :-). The organizer didn’t get a marching permit so it was more like a rally (assembly?) in that location, but that was fine as well. I honestly had no idea what or how many people to expect and compared to the Mall in Washington or Trafalgar Square in London or even the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, we were a swindling number of 150 people at the most, who didn’t all stay till the end.

But: we showed up and spoke up and I’m very glad I went there and protested and showed my support. Hey, after a lot of other people, mostly US citizens and a few lovely women from Canada took to the mike (or the bullhorn in this case) and stated why they were here, even I decided to follow suit. Way out of my comfort zone once again, but hyped up on the 2nd Caramel Macchiato (to keep me warm and awake) I stepped up. Go me! I didn’t say much, just stated that even though he’s not my president, of course I worry and I’m scared and I expressed my support for the US Democrats and everyone else in the US opposing Trump’s presidency and that I hope they can turn things around at the midterms in 2018. I was nervous, so I might have rambled. I don’t know… it just felt right to say something!

Seeing all the footage from marches all across the US and the globe now all through the day makes me really glad I went to the event in Düsseldorf this morning. Glad and a bit proud as well!

Here are a few of the many great signs from today. I tried to not show any faces, because I don’t want to share those without having asked all of them for permission :-) And these are photos from my phone, so not the best quality….

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