[>140] I Really Don’t Care What’s Under Sam’s Kilt!

Warning: Righteous Rage Fan Rant Ahead…

This morning I was scrolling through Twitter on my phone, while I was still in bed. It’s a Sunday after all and last night’s MPC workout left me a bit sore so I was enjoying the comfort of my bed even more. While I scrolled down my timeline after checking my regular lists, I saw a tweet from an Outlander fan account which said something like “swish, swish” and  shared a link to Facebeook. The words didn’t make much sense to me, but I was curious because all weekend there had been a lot of nice tweets + photos from the Emerald City Comic Con, where Sam and Caitriona represented Outlander this year, so I clicked.

And there was a photo – either real or photoshopped (I tend to think the latter at the moment) – of Sam doing his twirling kilt entrance. Or to be more precise: a photo in which the twirling kilt revealed what’s under it. Boxers by the way. But that’s not the point of this post.

My first reaction was:

“Ugh! I really didn’t want to see this! How dare fans be so intrusive and take a photo of that and share it online!”

My 2nd reaction was:

“The photo looks a bit weird. Did the kilt really fly that high? And are those really Sam’s legs?”

That’s why I’m pretty sure it was photoshopped. But also because I believe – or want to believe at least – that Sam by now knows how to avoid these kind of wardrobe malfunctions at events like these :-)

Which sort of deflected my righteous rage from the annoying fans not knowing any boundaries to the annoying people manufacturing such a photo and to the fans sharing such a fake photo, because they think it’s real or for whatever other gossip-y, sensationalist reason.

Either way: WHY GIVE A FUCK in the first place?!?!

We are rightfully appalled by someone stating “Grab them by the pussy” and at the same time desperately want to have a peak under Sam’s kilt?! Seriously?

I’m still kind of pissed off about having to see this photo in my Twitter timeline to be honest. My own fault for clicking that link, I guess. Still… I wish some of the female fans would take a step back and think for a moment how they would feel, if some man took a peak under their skirt. They’d be appalled. Rightfully so!

I once witnessed a young man doing something like that and while I stopped him at that time, by now I wish I would have made much more of a scene!

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