A Lovely Day In Strasbourg, 1st April 2017

Paupers and kings, princes and thieves,
Singers of songs, righters of wrongs, be what you believe.
Saddle your horse, shoulder your load,
Burst at the seams, be what you dream and then take to the road.
(Journey of the Magi – Frank Turner, 2009)

This afternoon my friend asked me if she had missed my photos of Strasbourg or if I hadn’t posted them yet. Ops :-) I admit I hadn’t posted much (or any at all) while I was in Strasbourg either, probably because I was in company of other folks and I feel I’m being rude if I’m on my phone to much instead of chatting with or listening to them. I guess I’m kind of old-fashioned that way. When I got back home last Sunday posting about the Frank Turner show took precedent and then work kept me busy and…

But here – well, below to be precise- are now some of my photos (click to enlarge, as usual). We were blessed with lovely weather for a day of roaming a city. Warm, but not too hot and the rain that had been mentioned as possibility in the forecast didn’t appear either. On Saturday morning we walked from our hotel past the Museum of Modern Art along the river Ill up to the Barrage Vauban, a long covered bridge and further on to Petit France, which is a lovely quarter along the river, with cobbled streets and small medieval buildings.

We met up with another Frank Turner fan at the Cathedral, which unfortunately wasn’t open until the afternoon, so we opted to climb up the tower of this sixth tallest church in the world! 330 steps. My calves still were sore two days later :-) After some lunch we met up with yet some more Frank Turner fans who were still in the city and with them strolled back to Petit France and explored another part of that lovely quarter before we said goodbye to them, who had to leave to get back home. My friend and I went back to the cathedral to now have a chance to explore the inside . Unfortunately we missed the astronomical clock “in action”, but it was still kind of impressive to look at. There also was a lovely piece of art with astronomical charts or maps or whatever you want to call it opposite the clock. I didn’t see any information on display what it all was about or who made it and unfortunately I haven’t found anything about it online either…

All in all Strasbourg is a lovely city with a lot more to explore and it was definitely worth the trip. And maybe even a return trip in the future…

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