The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 2, 2018

I had almost already turned off the computer, when I realized, that I hadn’t posted the simple kind of stuff from this week. 

  • good parking spot once again
  • several lovely sunsets
  • the final chapters of the “One plus One” audio book 
  • getting the 2nd necessary “Ok” for a photo project. Still need to work out the details
  • unexpected finds at the shops: a lovely stamp set and the perfect wrapping paper
  • first tentative plans for a trip to Manchester maybe sometime this spring
  • important work meeting went well 
  • a new Frank Turner Shirt arrived in time for my Swindon trip
  • learning about wonderful “The Dash” poem
  • “This Is Us” is back
  • getting enough sleep for at least two nights
  • a lovely visit to the zoo on a sunny Sunday
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