The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 5, 2018

Posting this a day after the week has ended, but that’s ok in vacation time, I think…

  • Frank Turner’s BIG NEWS DAY
  • a lovely sunset and moon
  • good luck in the crazy everyday commuter traffic
  • having my tourmap tweet retweeted by the Sleeping Souls AND Frank Turner himself
  • all the many, lovely, interesting replies and conversations that happened on Twitter after that (item above)
  • planning and successfully buying tickets for quite a few Frank gigs for 2018
  • having most of said tickets arrive in my mailbox within 48 hours!
  • travel to Fuerteventura went without a glitch
  • the nice fellow German couple on the plane who ended up at the same hotel as me
  • Sun. Rest. Sleep! But also the first slow run of this year. Time to read. And read. And just stare at the sky, the ocean doing nothing.
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