The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 10, 2018

Just real quick, before this new week will have already reached mid-point :-)

  • warm enough to ditch the gloves (and sometimes even the hat
  • seeing a murmuration of starlings (? or any other kind of birds. Impressive either way)
  • more planning of my Wales summer vacation
  • an enjoyable podcast with Matt Masir (from the Sleeping Souls)
  • restarting MPC again (at least until a bruised elbow threw a wrench in that)
  • realizing that some worries were unnecessary 
  • treating myself to a yummy Vapiano dinner
  • impressive sunset and clouds
  • feeling mostly productive at work
  • Bro3 is acting as taxi driver when couldn’t drive myself
  • catching up on some TV shows and starting new ones
  • new teasers for the next Frank Turner album (and single)
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