The Simple Kind of Stuff – Week 8 +9, 2018

I’m so behind on so many things, I had planned to do *sigh*. My Peak Challenge 2018 was put on hold again for February, because I was so busy at work and am still fighting a stupid cough / cold. I also haven’t really made up my mind what my challenges should be. I know some should be of a less physical and more self-improvement-in-general kind of variety. I’ll need some more time to ponder that. And come up with a plan to incorporate working out into my weekly routine once again. 

On the bright side: I’ve booked all my Wales vacation just now. Slightly spontaneously as I only had a vague plan yet, but I’ve worked through a travel guide book this weekend and worked out how many days I would like to spend where doing what (although detailed plans still need work) and then it was actually easy to book it all. Flight, accommodation, rental car. Bang! I can hear my bank account and credit card already screaming at me :-)

Anyway, here is the good stuff from the last two weeks

  • work projects / events, that had me worried for a while, all went fine
  • “Queer Eye” on Netflix 
  • “Be more Kind” – teaser, release, Twitter interaction, everything :-) 
  • Visit to an illuminated cave 
  • Yummy Thai food
  • Silver Medal for the German ice hockey team at the Olympics
  • smooth commute on the motorway
  • the sun (yes, even at -10°C I can at least appreciate the sun)
  • lovely sunrise in the morning, seeing the moon at night
  • Nice episodes of my favourite TV shows
  • Planning my summer vacation
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