Trying to Calm Down After Some Anxious Days

I have no idea why I didn’t tweet about all of this during the last few days as I probably would have done some time ago. I still haven’t quite figured it out why I kept silent but I might just figure it out while I’m typing this. :-)

My mum stumbled in her kitchen on Tuesday night and broke her hip. She had hip replacement surgery immediately on Wednesday and it all went well so far. Due to her general health issues and her age (84 years) she is still not back on the regular ward, but on the ICU ward. She still needs to get her oxygen saturation up among other things. I don’t want to bore you with medical or other details now. She’s a good as can be expected at this point and that’s something I’m very grateful for. 

The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions, which might have been the reason I haven’t mentioned anything on social media yet, even though I usually like to blab on about all kinds of stuff from my life. This time though I think I needed social media to be my distraction from real life and not have people remind me of real life by asking about my mum and sending well wishes and such. For which in the past I usually always have been grateful, but this time I had this strange fear of “jinxing something” by telling too many people about it. Isn’t it strange what a weird mess a mind can be sometimes? 

I also needed (and possibly still need) time to get to terms with what happened and what kind of changes this might and probably will bring for my mum and us as her children and ‘carer’ (in the way of assistants anyways) for the future. I needed to educate myself (aka google *g*) about how serious this injury is and for my own sanity learn to debunk some old myths and ignore some statistics.  I definitely need some more time to shake off the anxious state of mind I’ve been under for the last few days. When I arrived at the ICU ward yesterday I was denied access due to some emergency going on. I had to wait over 5 minutes until I even could ask someone if my mum was the emergency (she wasn’t, but it was a patient in her room). Stressful experiences like that don’t really help with shaking off anxieties. This afternoon I spent an hour with my mum though and she was doing all right. Still tired and in some pain, but in moderately good spirits. She’s a tough cookie after all… 

‘Funny’ story regarding this emergency: My mum obviously slept or dozed through it all, but according to the physical therapist who treated her this morning the new patient was a man who was injured during a flight from the police (broken out of somewhere? caught during a crime?). It seemed hard to believe at first, but… there were police officers hanging around in front of another room on that ward when I came in and still when I left, so maybe there was some truth to it. I haven’t found a news report online about the incident – whatever kind of incident it really was – yet though. Still… it’s not the major hospital in a big city. So this freaked me out a little bit. Weird, isn’t it?  


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