Bye Bye Cardiff

Baby, let’s get out of the city,
We need to breathe some cleaner air…
(Wanderlust ~ Frank Turner, 2011)

I didn’t want to write yet another long post on Instagram, especially not one that’s a tiny bit emotional; and not in a good way. I know with this decision I play right into those people’s hands, who claim that Instagram only shows a distorted view of the world / people, because users often gloss over things and only show the happy sunny side of their life. Anyway, before it gets too depressing: I had a nice time in Cardiff, even though today was a bit frustrating, which wasn’t all this city’s fault though. Mostly it was due to my not yet relaxed enough mind, I think.

The forecast was looking good for today, dry at least, so I went on my way to Cardiff Bay. I had only time to get a coffee and some Welsh Cakes before it started to drizzle again, which I admit put quite a damper on my mood. I wandered around the Quay a bit, but the next damper was that the whole area was already getting prepared for the National Eisteddfod (3 – 11 August) , which is a week long

[…] celebration of the culture and language in Wales. The festival travels from place to place, alternating between north and south Wales, attracting around 150,000 visitors and over 250 tradestands and stalls.”

I knew it would take place in Cardiff during the time I was traveling around the countryside, but I hadn’t expect it to affect my plans at the start of the week already. But there were tents and stalls and fences and such everywhere being put up walks closed off and nice photo ops ruined…. So, yes, I was not amused. To get out of the fray I went into the Techniquest, which I hadn’t known was a rather children centred place. Oops ;-). It was alright though and in the short planetarium show I watched I learned some interesting things about female astronomers / scientist, which was kind of cool.

After that I decided to get back to the city centre and in three attempt to do that walked to 3 different bus stops just to see at each one that it was temporarily not in use due to the celebrations (which wouldn’t even start for another 4 days so WTF?). This quest for a serviced bus stop frustrated me so much more than it should have. Seriously, even though rationally I knew it was no big deal, emotionally I was a mess. Mad and sad and frustrated and just… Ugh! Then of course I got mad at myself for this irrational reaction and then I kind of knew I’d need some time to get out of that spiral. I also knew I probably wouldn’t really be in the right mindset to appreciate any other museum or gallery or historical building. So I only wandered from lunch at M&S, to coffee and cake at the Waterstones CafĂ© and then on the supper at Jamie’s Italian. Comfort food in the true sense of the word. Maybe not the most healthy way to deal with frustration, but it seem to have worked. To just be. (And I refused dessert at Jamie’s after all).

Still… I think It’s about time I get out of the city. I feel like I need some space – literally – to clear my head. To recharge and not think and just be…

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2 Responses to Bye Bye Cardiff

  1. Sounds like a really frustrating day. I’d be annoyed by it all too!

  2. Susanne says:

    Thanks. I was in a weird mood which wasn’t helping matters. Off to the Welsh countryside tomorrow

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