Just Some Fireworks Photos…

It’s been one of those busy weeks before the summer break. Two more weeks to go before I’m off to Wales for a two week vacation. There is still so much to organize for that trip. Argh! 

Least of all I feel the need to spend some more time in my new-ish hiking boots and to prove to myself that despite my slacking in most of my My Peak Challenge things, I’m fit enough for some “hill walking” as my beloved Scots like to call it. So tomorrow I plan to be off in the crack of dawn (sort of) for another “training hike”. 

But now…. to something completely different :-) Two weeks ago I took my camera and tripod to the annual festival of industrial heritage sites to snap some photos of the fireworks. And basically to find my way around my camera again. Some of the photos did turn out alright, so here you go…  

[Click on images for full-screen gallery…] 

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