Off To A Much Needed Vacation

I don’t recall any other vacation I started so stressed out and exhausted. Right now I feel what I actually need most is sleep and rest and to unwind and do nothing. Instead tomorrow afternoon I’ll fly to Wales for a two days in Cardiff and 11-days-all-over-Wales roadtrip. Help! 

I know I will be fine once I’m there in a different surrounding and landscape and out of this heatwave, that’s raging all over Germany and most of central Europe. The forecast for Cardiff is 22 °C. And possibly quite some rain on Sunday. Rain! For real! ;-) Right now I’m still feeling quite anxious though. Not really about the trip, but about so many other things that have been going on. Not even necessarily bad stuff, just… a lot of stuff. At work and with my mum’s health and… global politics and German politics and just the world and people in general. I think it’s wearing me down. Or it’s one of the things that’s wearing me down.

I really hope this vacation helps me to unwind and to recharge and to refocus. Part of the attempt to refocus is, that today I’ve wiped all the social media apps and games and other apps that I use to distract myself (and to procrastinate) from my phone’s start screen. Twitter and Instagram are my biggest distraction and recently I’ve – once again – realized that I’m checking those way too much each day. So I’m curious and also a bit anxious to be honest, to see how I will be and act on a vacation and see beautiful landscapes and have lovely experiences without sharing them online right away in one way or the other. I will definitely share those moments either here or still on Twitter / Instagram, but hopefully at the end of the day and after I’ve actually been in that moment for a while. Unplugged so to speak. It’s going to be interesting…. 

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