A (Sun)Day In The Life Of…

I saw this kind of post from a German blogger who had quit blogging for a while and now returned with a new blog and ideas. I first attempted to do this yesterday, but in the afternoon I felt I would get lost in the minutiae of my life and who would want to read that, so I didn’t finish and of course didn’t post it. Later that night I thought this style of post wasn’t so different from the “Jumble of Thoughts” posts I did about all kinds of things, so maybe I should give it a try anyway…

Over the last couple of months I felt quite busy and thus knackered during the regular work weeks, which means I need try to catch up on that sleep on the weekends. Going to bed way before midnight (if I could manage that during the week as well, I probably wouldn’t have such a sleep deficit) and sleeping in. It worked fine yesterday, but this morning I was a bit more restless. When I fell asleep again around 7,  I had the weirdest dream about getting lost in some kind of mall/entertainment complex before a Frank Turner show. In that dream I wanted to get back to my car to store some stuff and then didn’t find the venue again, because the place was such a maze and I was so afraid I’d not only miss the support bands but also the start of Frank’s set. What a nightmare! ;-)

Even though I know it’s supposed to be a bit habit I still sleep with my phone near the bed. Mostly because I use the Audible app on my phone (which comes with a sleep timer) to have Richard Armitage talk me to sleep. Don’t judge me! It works splendidly. But of course that also means I grab for my phone first thing in the morning. During the week I try to not check Twitter etc. but either use the Calm app to meditate or to get up and get ready in the bathroom and check my social media feeds during breakfast. Or at least at the kitchen table with a coffee before my morning workouts (if I workout in the mornings). I grant myself more lenience on the weekends though.

The “workout first or breakfast first?” dilemma is solved by a “cup of coffee while typing the first part of this post” compromise. Followed by some more dawdling before I actually got on with my My Peak Challenge workout for the day. Main exercise were 5 x 10 reps of overhead presses. I’m using 5kg dumbbells for that one and I really was at my limit on the last two reps in round 4 and 5. Also close to my limit when raising my arms to shampoo my head in the shower afterwards.

It’s now after 12 and instead of finally having breakfast / brunch / whatever, I spend an hour to finally sort through my “account clarification with the German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme”, which I should have done weeks ago. I’ve finally filled out most of the forms and all that’s left to do is get some of the documents legally attested by certain local council offices. Opening hours for those in my small town are 9-12 on Mondays / Wednesdays and 14 – 16 on Thursdays. Awesome for people like me, who works regular office hours in a city about 1h drive away. I guess, I’ll have to take some time off on Thursday afternoon to get that stuff done here.

More coffee and finally something to eat while simultaneously catching up with my Outlander S3 rewatch on Amazon Prime AND reading the newspaper I subscribed to on my phone. I sometimes despair over the state of the world, or rather politics or more precise societies in general. Whether it’s seeing some folks in the US still cheering on Trump at rallys or the ugly scenes playing out in Chemnitz –  a town in East Germany – these days, where Neo-Nazis and Alt-Right are marching the streets, attacking foreign looking people and yes even some media personnel. It’s scary and so unfathomable and I don’t see any politicians and/or folks in charge at state / federal government having any idea how to deal with it and that’s worrying. 

Trying to ignore the bad news from all around the world for a while and dedicated quite a bit of my afternoon to researching travel or at least baggage transfer companies for a potential hiking vacation in Scotland next year. A girl can dream, right?  Especially with a potential My Peak Challenge Get-Together finally scheduled. Potential in the sense that I a) don’t know yet if I really want to / can afford to go and b) have no idea if I’ll be able to get a ticket once the sale starts later this year. But planning and a bit of dreaming is always exciting.

Only productive part of this day (so far): Sanitizing my washing machine. And starting to choose the pictures I want to include in my “Personal Challenge ~ Hiking in Wales 2018” blog post, which I had wanted to write ever since I got back from that vacation 3 weeks ago. One step at a time.

I’ve watched two more episodes of “Please Like Me” during dinner. I laughed a lot, although I’m not quite sure if I like the way they handle the bipolar / mental health issue storyline.

And now I’m going to post this blog, not sure if I’ll ever do a similar post again, but at least it was a nice writing exercise. I don’t write enough, I realized that once more.

Anyway… off to see my favourite Scotsman Sam Heughan in “The Spy Who Dumped Me” in the not-dubbed version. There is NO way I’d watch a movie in which Sam doesn’t have his own voice. I’ve read mixed reviews, but most of all had in common that the two female leads and their relationship was great and another one (from a fan) mentioned that Sam has a lot of scenes, so that’s all I need to know after all.

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