Just Some Random, Mostly Positive Ramblings…

I’ve been getting it wrong for far too long,
I’ve been lost more than found.
(Little Changes ~ Frank Turner, 2018)

It puts you in a really weird mood when your ongoing queasy feeling from the whole upset stomach issue collides with hormones, because you’ve got your period sets in two days early and is then multiplied by the inevitable Post-Frank-Gig-Blues. Ugh!

I was tempted to write down all the things that annoyed and bothered me today and the many moments during which I considered myself a failure for a variety of reasons. Often enough it’s probably all just in my head. Sometimes it does help me to write it down to work through those feelings. I’m not sure though I want to do that in public. Not because I’m ashamed of it, but if it’s on the blog I will be reminded of it more than it’s written down in some journal which is stored in a cupboard later. Or anywhere. And I don’t want to dwell on negativity too much in the first place, because that’s not really helping either. I don’t know…

Positive Thoughts! I got to work and back safe and sound in my car! Which shouldn’t be such a big deal, as I try to do that every day and have managed it mostly so far. One minor bumped fender notwithstanding and that was the other guy’s fault! I’ve seen quite a few nasty looking accidents on the motorway recently; one on my way back home today and that does help put things in perspective. As sad as it might sound. 

But I also managed to parallel park my car without much fuss in the most difficult spot in front of the house today. Go Me!

The stomach issues in Luxembourg and the “Yikes, I hate the idea of eating food” thoughts that came with it plus all the activity mean I lost about 3 pounds this last weekend. Not in the most healthy way, but I take it. And I will shut down the nagging voice in my mind that whispers “Failure!” because I didn’t go through with restarting my MPC efforts two weeks ago, because I was so sore after the first day and then so busy and …. ugh! Positive Thoughts!

Enough new interesting (and some also trashy) books to read at the moment.

Many wonderful memories from the first part of my Frank Turner Europe Tour 2019. Amazing music (Thanks again Amanda!), lots of singing and dancing. And a really nice chat with the man himself. He’s just such a lovely guy. And I won’t lie, it feels good to be remembered and recognized even after quite some time. He’s meeting so many new people every day on a tour. So yeah… I’m a happy fangirl and I won’t apologize for that. 

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