Day 03 of the “Travelling Fangirl, November 2018 Edition”

It’s a day off today. Which was definitely needed. I’ve spent the day in Bremerhaven, which is about 50 km north of Bremen, where the next show will take place tomorrow. I’ve been to Bremen before and it’s nice enough, but there were at least two museums / exhibits I always wanted to visit in Bremerhaven, but never really had a chance to. It wouldn’t have been worth driving all the way up from home to here for that. So, a day off before Bremen fit perfect. When I told Nigel about that last night he took the credit (as part of the whole crew) and said, he was happy they could make that happen for me with scheduling the gigs the way they did. *ggg*

After getting some real food – at a mall, but at least a place with tables to sit down at AND food served on plates instead of just in cardboard boxes – I spent the afternoon in the German Emigration Centre, which was very interesting and informative. You can follow the real life stories of emigrants and learn about why they left their home and how they fared in the new world. You learn about global and national politics in the last few centuries and why people give up everything and risk their life to make a hopefully better life somewhere else. It felt pretty relevant in this time and age. *steps off her soapbox*

After getting another meal served on a plate, while sitting at a table in a restaurant and posting this here, I’ll now spend the rest of the evening with Outlander, Season 4, Episode 2. Another story of emigrants. How fitting today…

Sleep: Even less than 4 hours. Again. I need sleep so badly tonight.

Breakfast: 5/10. If you stay at somebody else’s flat you can’t expect a breakfast buffet, s the coffee and cheese sandwich was fine.

Distance / Time in my car: 190 km / ~ 2 hours

Stops on the road: Two. A quick one at the supermarket before I left Hannover, another one for for coffee along the road.

Caffeine intake: A small cup at breakfast, only half of the travel mug I had bought for the road, a cappuchino at the Emigration Centre. Less than the days before, but maybe that’s a good thing and will help me sleep better.

Hydration: 7/10 probably.

Random trivia: I have to confess I didn’t know that the Nazi Concentrationcamp and now memorial site Bergen Belsen was located near Bremen.

Wind farms along the road: Three, I think. A few singular turbines as well. All in all they are getting bigger now that I’m closer to the sea. At least that’s what it feels like.

Most unusual moment today: Seeing a group of young army soldiers (in training?) making a pitsop at the same reststop than I did.

Songs from my 10 songs list: No show. No songs :-(

Songs that surprised me: same

Words that suprised delighted me: Yes, there were some. Don’t want to share those here though.

Been More Kind? 6.5/10 at least. I didn’t have to deal with too many people today, so that makes it easier to not be unkind. Being kind to myself sometimes is the hardest though anyway.

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