Day 2 of “Travelling Fangirl, November 2018 Edition”

I know I’m a day late, but I blame this ‘gig going’ business. That’s hard work! The drive from Lingen to Hannover yesterday was an easy one. Via AirBnB I stayed at a lovely young couple’s flat, who not just knew Frank’s music (which is rare enough) but the guy and I even chatted about Mongol Hörde this morning. So weird.

The show might have been my favourite on this Europe tour so far. A good venue and a great crowd. Dancing and singing along, but not too rowdy. The Souls did a very good job, there also was a lot of banter, which I always like to see. Amazing set list with some rarities too.

Nigel and Frank took their time for a chat with us ‘hard core’ fans after a well, which is always such a nice bonus.

Day 2 in random stats and thoughts:

Sleep: Less than 4 hours. Not good.

Breakfast: A solid 7/10. I only wish the scrambled eggs wouldn’t have been made with bacon bits.

Distance / Time in my car: 230 km / 2 h 40 min

Stops on the road: 2. A quick one for coffee in the morning, a longer one for lunch.

Caffeine intake: Quite a lot. At breakfast, for the road and when I arrived in my AirBnB.

Hydration: 7/10 probably.

Random trivia: There is a car museum in Melle.

Wind farms along the road: 6 real ones. A few singular wind turbines as well.

Waterways I crossed: 6, I think. I can’t recall name of the first one, but after that: Ems, Datteln-Ems-Canal, Mittelland-Canal, Weser, Leine.

Image of the day: Tarrant at a mic. Twice in fact.

Songs from my 10 songs list: 1. Brave Face. Which made me so happy.

Songs that surprised me: Balthazar and Prufrock

Words that suprised me: Tarrant can talk. On stage. In German. Frank definitely sings “Einmal ist kein Mal” during “I still believe”, which I think of hilarious.

Been More Kind? 6/10. Better than the day before at least.

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