Travelling Fangirl, November 2018 Edition – Day 06

It’s been a lovely late autumn day in Hamburg today. I slept in, I enjoyed a leasurily breakfast and actually a lot of leisurily things. Like a sunny walk through the park. An interesting photo exhibtion. A yummy dinner at Vapiano… But walking is tiring (and just like that I now have the “sleeping gets tiring” melody stuck in my mind. Fuck you, Francis *g*), so I will try to go to bed soon. Exciting day planned tomorrow! Double feature Frank and all…

Sleep: Glorious 8.5 hours.

Breakfast: 8/10. Checked out the breakfast buffet at BarCelona and it was as nice as I remberered it.

Caffeine intake: Large cappuchino at breakfast and a grande Caramel Macchiato in the afternoon.

Hydration: 6/10. Slacked a bit today, even with bringing my own bottle.

Random and suprising trivia: Mick Jagger dressed as a woman once for a Anton Corbijn photoshoot.

Steps: 15.165.

Been More Kind? 7/10. More towards others than myself, I’m afraid. I’m working on it.

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