Travelling Fangirl, November 2018 Edition – Day 08

Saturday was another lovely day in Hamburg. Cold (it’s winter after all), but sunny with cloudless sky which is always beautiful to see, when you’re out and about. Amanda and I had walked around the city for a bit, visited St. Nikolai church, which ruins serve as a memorial against war. I admit I’ve never been there, despite having been in Hamburg a few times over the last two decades. We strolled further on to the Old Warehouse district, which is one of my favourite parts of the city. I finally managed to get up to the Elphi Plaza and after some more strolling around, some snacks, a quick trip to the “Reeperbahn”, we ended the tourist part of the day at the Miniatur Wunderland. Which I’ve been too before, but it’s been a while and it’s always impressive to re-visit. So many details and so much work that went into it.

Sleep: Solid 6 hours, which isn’t too bad considering we were hanging around after the show for a while, freezing our feet off.

Breakfast: 9/10. Sunday Breakfast / Brunch at the Cafe & Bar Celona.

Caffeine intake: same same… :-)

Hydration: 4/10. I’ve been defintely slacking and I noticed that in the evening.

Random trivia: The Wunderland shows Germany as a quite dangerous country, there is a police / fire operation going on in almost every display Also… Amanda has an eye for finding the grim / quirky details of the displays. *g*

On my feet: ~ 14,6 km (19.742 steps)

Been More Kind? 7/10. I didn’t catch myself being unkind at least.

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