An Even Lazier Sunday Than The Last

I didn’t really think I could spend a Sunday even lazier than the last few. But today I managed it. I’m not sure if that really warrants a post to ‘celebrate’, but here you go. I woke up feeling like I’m getting a cold, which wouldn’t have suprised me after spending about 2 hours in the cold last night taking photos of a illuminated park. Taking it very very easy today was the wisest course of action then. I only did the bare necessities around the flat. Didn’t set a foot outdoor where it was freezing and the first snow of this season in my region had fallen.

Through the course of the day I walked less than 1.200 steps, I had three meals, two large cups of coffee, a bit too much chocolate maybe. I watched – more or less attentively – three episodes of The West Wing Season 3. I’ve read almost 500 pages of and thus finished a novel: “The Break” by Marian Keyes. It was my first of her books and definitely not the last. I really enjoyed it: the characters were loveable – flawed and quirky – and the story kept my interest till the end. It felt ‘real’, if that makes any sense. I often enough read easy going rom-com / chick-lit stuff to escape into an easier, carefree world. This one was more serious and less fluffy, but still had very cute moments. Quite a bit of hot sex too.

I already ordered another one of hers, her first one to be exact and I would have loved to do that via a regular bookshop (even if they belong to a chain and aren’t independent ones, but at least ‘real’ ones in a building on a street). But that would have taken two weeks in each webshop I looked. So it was Amazon after all. I have no patience when it comes to books, I’m afraid.

Four more days of work (I’ve taken Friday off). Less than 40 days until I get on a plane to Manchester for my next round of Frank Turner gigs. Oh, I’ve also spend some more money on him today, by ordering the fan edition of his 2nd book – on songwriting this time – and some more goodies. I’m such a fangirl….

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