Day 03 – Same Old, Same Old

Sleep: A bit over 9 hours, which did help the reconvalescence. Although the sleep wasn’t the best with my clogged sinuses, scratchy throat and some coughing. I’ll take it.

I stayed in bed for almost two more hours till way after noon, reading my latest contemporary romance novel “Finding Hope at Hillside Farm”. I didn’t do much else than finish reading that book today. Watched some more West Wing. A quick trip to the supermarket. A quick stop at my mum’s. Picked up  “Three Things About Elsie” again, which is starting to get a bit more interesting, even though I’ve still not quite taken to either of the main characters. But I like the writing so far. 

I also gave “Wolf Alice” a listen on Spotify, as I’ve seen them mentioned in some of the tweets in my music Frank Turner related – Twitter list. I liked them so far, but I have to confess I had a completly different idea of what their music would be like. The funny thing is: I can’t really say why I expected them to be a ‘heavy’ indie rock band with a male lead singer.

I’m still eating meals on an abnormal – probably unhealthy – schedule. As much coffee as yesterday. A bit less chocolate (still way too much probably). My flat is still a mess, because just unloading the dishwasher spikes my heartrate more than I would like.

I’m ready for this cold to be over…

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