It’s Just Another ‘Not-Manic’ Monday

Let’s try this again:

Sleep? Less than five hours. Not enough. 4/10
Caffeine intake? Moderate. Two large cups before noon. A large one to go (and to keep me going) in the afternoon. 5/10
Kept hydrated? Okayish in the first half of the day, but slacked later. 5/10
Chocolate? Too much! I have no impulse controle. It’s pathetic. 2/10.
Been (More) Kind? I think so. I’ve not been to hard on myself, that’s always a plus. 7/10.

So how was this Monday? The last Monday at the office for 2018?

Last week I realize that Amazon Prime releases the new Outlander episode already on Monday morning. I’m usually short on time on Monday evenings with our weekly local Greens meeting, so I thought this week I might get up a bit earlier than usual and squeeze it in in the morning. Fangirl, I know!

I didn’t sleep too well, but staying in bed for a short while longer wouldn’t have made a difference so I got up anyway. After I had checked on my phone if the episode really was available already. Followed by the regular routine: Bathroom, emptying the dishwasher, which I had let run in the night. Making coffee, preparing some breakfast and lunch to take with me to work. Mouldy bread threw a bit of a wrench into that plan, but otherwise… regular Monday morning.

Last night I had watched a spoilery clip of the episode and also had read a recap of it already before I watched it, so I knew what to expect. It still was a bit of a let down in some parts. I loved to see Roger on his journey and Ed Speleers is so amazingly creepy and evil as Stephen Bonnett. I was fine with the Frank flashbacks, as they were important to show more of Brianna’s mind. I didn’t even mind seeing Laoghaire as such, even though I really didn’t see the point of the whole drama they created there.

I take issues with a few other things. Craigh na dun is supposed to be near Inverness. Why isn’t it anymore all of a sudden? And if it still was, why did Brianna plan to walk to the other end of Scotland to find a ship to bring her to America? She’s a historian’s daugher, I thought she’d do a bit more research. Since when did people in the 18th century introduce themselves to each other by only using their first name? Why didn’t Bree try to move on further much earlier? Roger didn’t travel back in time weeks after her and he was on a ship sooner? Also Ian Murray would never have let Brianna go into the pub / ship master’s office by herself to buy passage on a ship. Remember the fuss he and the other male Murray’s in the book made about her being not safe on her own as a woman. Sometimes it really seems to be the little things that nag me.

I wasn’t much later at the office than usual – one hour of Outlander or not. I still opted to pay for the closer parking space. I justified it with the crappy weather and the feeling that I might be getting a cold. Better be safe, right? It was a rather calm day at the office, which was a nice reprieve after the busy schedule of the last two weeks. I was still kept busy with two main tasks today. Writing my part for the short half-year-report for the instance, which oversees our work. Advising / consulting other people how to apply for some funding.Tedious work typing text into small boxes on an online application form and revising spreadsheets and stuff.

There was a bit of excitement – not in a good way – when sometime in the afternoon my screen went grey. Not black just …. grey. Literally lacking any colour. I hastily saved all the work I had done, rebooted the computer. Nothing changed, although during the boot up process the screen showed the regular colourful logo or wallpaper. Luckily I then remembered to check the Windows settings (Win 10) and quickly found the “grey filter” feature, which has a “CTRL + Windows key + C” shortcut. In one of my many “copy and paste” via keyboard shortcuts I must have hit the Win key as well. But holy shit that was a bit scary for a moment. Don’t mock me, I’m just an ordinary office bee, not much exciting stuff happens in my place of work…

All of a sudden there was some urgency to some of the projects so I worked on that till 6:30 in the evening, to have most of it ready for a meeting with one colleague tomorrow at noon. It’s a good thing that social media on my phone provided some distraction every once in a while, or I would have gone crazy just filling out or checking in boxes and spreadsheets.

I was supposed to be a the local Greens meeting an hour after I left work, but I cancelled that from my parked car. I need almost an hour to drive home. I would have been late and hungry and cranky. Instead I made some calls regarding some local politics issues from my car before I drove home. Like the busy politician that I am. Hahaha, I’m not. Not really.

On the drive home I listened to the “Be More Kind” album for the first time in a while. Some of the songs are on various of my playlists, but I rarely listen to just this album. I was once again hit by just how awesome I think it is. The lyrics, the melodies, the instrumentation, the variation in Frank’s voice alone. From angry shouting in “1933” to the lower than usual pitch (for most of the song) in “The Lifeboat”. I have it bad, I know. *sigh*

Quick stop at the shops, another at my mum’s to check in and chat a bit. Home around 8:30. Dinner with some vintage West Wing as background entertainment while also catching up with the latest on Social Media.

My life is quite boring at the moment. I can’t help it. I’m looking forward to be able to write a few more “Travelling Fangirl” posts next year. Five weeks, four days until I’m going to do that again :-)

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