Some Day I Might Write More Again..

Every other day I think “this is the day on which you write a new post, even if it’s a random numbers or stats or other kind of recap / journal” post. And then I start jotting things down and then the day gets busy and I either loose the motivation or energy to keep jotting down and can’t be bothered to start writing.

For every deadline I managed to meet at the office last week there seems to be a new urgent / be done by Christmas task popping up this week. Ugh. I’m in dire need of time off. And not just the two days on the weekend. Christmas break can’t come early enough.

On the upside: I felt rather productive and competent and accomplished a few times today. I feel a tiny bit pathetic that I consider these feelings to be noteworthy here, but that’s me. Imposter Syndrome and all.

Not quite enough sleep to be properly rested. Way too much coffee and chocolate and gingerbread and cookies today. I’m operating in a ‘whatever helps me through the day’ mode today.

I’ve been away from home for 14 hours today. Work and commute and a long Council budget meeting. In which a Green motion for climate action funding was passed unanimously. Which is rare. I’m still baffled. And happy. And feel accomplished.

Excuse this absolut random collection of thoughts here. I’m off to bed now

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