When I left the office today I already felt knackered. Too knackered to cook something for dinner at home. My first plan was to just grab a bite to eat somewhere else. Then I got stuck in traffic for a bit (stupid home games of a the local football team) and decided to not stop to eat somewhere else but to drive home and cook dinner and maybe start working on the “thoughts on Frank Turner’s songwriting book” post after all.

A few minutes / kilometres later another wave of exhaustion hit me. Change of plan: no cooking, just grab some stuff at the shop to make some sandwiches at home. I vegged out on the couch with my dinner for a bit and will head off to bed soon. For real today. I have no idea why I let exhaustion catch up with me towards the end of the week instead of going to bed at a reasonable time.

Work was less busy, but I still had quite some stuff to do today on the last-to-one-day of my work year. I’ve also had a long overdue performance review with my supervisor. Once again my self assessment was more negative than my supervisor assessed my work. Suprise! No not really. I didn’t give myself too many “low marks” in too many fields, so that’s progress, right? All in all: I’m doing fine. More than fine in some fields even, so all is good. What a relief. I thought I was revealed as a fraud after all.

You really don’t want to be in my head :-)

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