03.01.2019 – Sleep, Questions and Mindfulness

Sleep. Is for the week, Frank Turner once wrote in a song. I’m not getting enough of it these days and it’s my own damn fault. Which leads me to…

Uneasy Questions. Borrowed from another lyric Frank wrote. “We should be asking ourselves uneasy questions.” Why don’t I bring myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour? Why do I keep eating way too much chocolate all the way knowing it’s no good for me? Why am I thinking too much and too long about something somebody said to me months ago? Why do I keep dawdling and wasting my time going through my day mindlessly?

Mindfulness Mediation. What a segue… . I didn’t make any resolutions for 2019, but at least intended to do a bit better in various parts of my life. Writing here regulary might be one. Cutting back on chocolate didn’t work out as well so far. Another intention was to get back into a regular meditation practice. On the first two days I manage to squeeze in quick (3 minutes) sessions shortly before midnight. I did a bit better this evening with a regular Daily Calm session. About intentions instead of resolutions, by the way. I was so tense as in couldn’t really sit still and that’s never a good sign. It’s bad enough when the thoughts are running to wild, like on the drive home where I caught myself so lost in thought at one point, that I didn’t recognize at what strech of motorway I was in that moment, worried I missed my exit and all that. But when the body can’t be still for 10 minutes either – probably because my mind is still whirring too much – it’s a tiny bit worrying as well. But maybe it’s just the lack of sleep ;-)?
I will also try more often to incorporate something I’ve heard on the “10 % Happier” audiobook recently: Mindful walking meditation, I think was the term for it. It’s simple really, in the way that when you walk somewhere like from the car park to the office, just keep your mind focused on one thing: either your breathing or the sensation of your feet on the ground or – that’s my pick – the various sounds around you. I tend to have all kinds of things on my mind when I walk somewhere. Thinking about the past or the future, but I’m rarely in the moment, so trying to be can be challenge sometimes. But it does help to stop the “monkey mind”, as they also call it so apt in the audiobook.

Quote? I can’t think of a fitting one today, sorry.

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