05.01.2019 | Oat Milk and Travel Plans

Sleep | Just like I assumed yesterday, napping didn’t mess with my sleep. I went to bed rather late, because I couldn’t put down the book I was reading. Anyway, 8.5 hours. Not too shabby.

Reading | The book I was hooked on was “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Mhairi McFarlane. It’s a lovely contemporary love story and I spent most of my day reading it (and neglecting other things I should have been doing, but..). I finished in the afternoon, after I laughed and cried and could relate to quite a bit of the other emotions the main character Georgina is going through. It also made me think about the girl I was, when I was at school. Nothing like Georgina, but still. It’s weird to think about that almost 30 years later. How much I have changed and in how many ways I’m probably still the same….

Sustainability | It’s not just the amount of travel by car or even worse planes, that make up my carbon footprint. I don’t eat meat for a variety of reasons, the horrible impact meat production has on our planet is just one of them. I still do eat a lot of dairy products though; milk and cheese most of all. The climate impact of dairy products is not much better than that of meat. But… I need milk in my coffee. And I drink a lot of coffee. Ergo? I drink a lot of milk. I tried soy milk once, but it might have been a bad idea to check if I like the taste of it by drinking it on it’s own, instead of added to coffee or in my cereal. I found that yucky and just couldn’t bring myself to try again. But I read a bit more about plant based milk alternatives by now and soy isn’t even the most environmental friendly. Yesterday for the first time in my life I bought oat milk, which I used for my coffee today and what can I say? I liked it. It ‘waters’ down the coffee well enough for my taste and it didn’t make the coffee taste any differently. So I might stick with that for a while. It costs almost twice as much as the milk I would buy usually, but for a whole month we talk about 10 € maybe. Which I can afford so why not do it? In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to add that it didn’t hurt, that Oatly is a Swedish company. I love Sweden…

Travel Plans | By now I’m seriously considering taking the train to Scotland in May. Most of all, because it would mean I can do a few nights in London on my way back. Visiting London is always a good idea in my book. But in May it’s even pretty convenient, because it means I can go and watch “Operation Mincemeat” after all. When I first saw the dates and knew I’d be in Scotland around that time, but had still thought I’d flown up there, I was a bit bummed that I would miss my chance to see a musical in London. Why on earth didn’t that alone made me consider train travel in the first place? What’s “Operation Mincemeat” you might ask? It’s

the fast-paced, hilarious and unbelievable true story of the twisted secret mission that won us World War II. The question is, how did a well-dressed corpse wrong-foot Hitler?

Felix and Tash from Felix Hagan & The Family are part of Spitlip, the comedy musical troupe behind this and I’ve seen a bit of the songs online so far and I enjoyed them. Plus… it’s Felix and Tash! I blame me being a German for not having heard of Operation Mincemeat (Wikipedia) before they started writing a musical about it :-)

Same, Same | In the post yesterday I had actually planned to include an anecdote about having been a bit scatterbrained and how that made my afternoon a bit more complicated. While I was writing the post last night I had completely forgotten to include it. Which goes well with the scatterbrained theme, doesn’t it? It would be a bit pathetic to include it now long after it happened though.

I’m still watching “The West Wing”. Still eating too much chocolate. Still hooked on WWF2.

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