06.01.2019 – Future Blogging and Privacy

Future Blogging | Even though I kind of like this daily blogging, I’m not sure I’m going to continue it. I’m not giving up on it, I’m just not sure if my life really is interesting enough for this kind of journaling posts. I enjoy reading them from others though, so… I don’t know.  I might need other topics to keep me going.

Travel Plans | I spent a few hours today thinking about my planned trip to Scotland and what I want to do there and where I want to go. It’s always fun and I have a feeling the vacation is shaping up nicely.

Privacy | Over the years or let’s say, back in the day, when I was blogging more regularly I shared some personal stuff. Just recently I shared quite a bit of my Mum’s health story without asking her, if she’s ok with it, as she doesn’t know about this blog and all. I might go back and put these posts in private mode, when I’ve got the time. I don’t know what changed my perspective on this issue. I don’t know even know if it’s changed. My family got some sad news today and for the first time I felt unsure if it’s my news to share here, so I won’t. For now anyway.  But I’m quite sad right now and I will be for a while I think, which is another reason to take a step back from here for a few days.

Quote of the day

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