08.01.2019 | Autopilot. Music. Scotland.

Mornings | As I hadn’t slept well at all the night before, I went to bed before 9 pm last night and slept for glorious almost 9 hours. So well rested you’d think I’d be able to get through my morning routine easily and unhurried. That assumption doesn’t take into account that I’m a terrible dawdler in the mornings. At other times too to be honest.

Autopilot | Not directly linked to mornings or dawdling, but this morning on my drive to work I caught myself on autopilot once again. I think we all have the tendency to daydream a little bit and think about stuff other than the traffic around us. But the moment when I notice I don’t consciously remember how I got from point A of the motorway to point B always scares me a little bit, to be honest. I have no idea how to really be more attentive to where I’m going if I’m going the same route 5 times a week. 

Bad News, Good News | The sad news I mentioned two days ago: One of my aunts has passed away. Rather suddenly, even with some current health issues. And it’s not just the loss of my aunt, which is weighing on my mind and soul at the moment, but maybe even more so, that fact that she’s another one of my mum’s generation, who we had to say goodbye to. I’m not ready for that. But to brighten my days, I heard good news from a friend in the UK today and that definitely helps to keep my mind occupied with happier thoughts.

Brandi Carlile | Every once in a while I rediscover a singer and wonder how and why I lost track of them. This morning a Brandi Carlile came up on my car music playlist. At the next stop I changed playlists to have all of her stuff on shuffle and was reminded of how much I actually like her. I really need to buy her latest album as soon as possible. The name ‘Brandi Carlile‘ probably won’t mean anything to most of you. But if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy in the good old days (before the ghost sex and the new interns and way way before they killed McDreamy) you might have heard some of her music on the soundtrack. That’s how I discovered her music myself. They had great music on Grey’s back then. Maybe they still do, I wouldn’t know, I’ve stopped watching years ago. Anyway I was quite the fan for some time and I was so happy when I got a ticket for one of her rare appearances in Europe. In Cologne even, only 1 hour drive away. That was before Frank Turner turned me into a Travelling Fangirl. A few days before that gig that Icelandic vulcano with this complicated name erupted and no flights were coming across the Atlantic for a while, so she had to cancel and couldn’t rescheduled. Yes, I’m still a bit pissed about that.

Scotland A – Z | When I thought about what other topics to write about here daily, if I don’t want to recount my (mostly boring) day, I thought I try something similar to Stefanie, who for the next few weeks will write about various topics from A – Z. Literally. I might have been too much in Scotland planning mode when I read that, so immediatly my mind formed the plan to write about places in Scotland, from A – Z. Maybe not everyday. Just like I might not do this daily journal blogging every day either. We’ll see. Once I’ve made up my mind which place with A I’d like to start with :-)

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