Travelling Fangirl, January 2019 – Day 2

Maybe I should have thought a bit more about how I should be documenting it or if at all this time, because while I had enough time to kill on my solo travels on the European run, I’m doing this with friends this time and I’d rather spend my time with them instead of glued to my phone screen to type up a day’s events. We’re all just getting up now while I upload this, so…

Day 2 of my trip was kind of surreal, as the small gig at my friend Amanda’s museum was actually happening. One hour solo acoustic show for 140 people. It was marvellous. I was and am so thrilled for her, that she managed to pull this off and that it all went well. Frank played about 15 songs and only two of them were on the setlist of the regular gig later that day, so that was pretty cool.

I can now check “Nashville Tennessee” (and a few others) off my ‘Never Heard Live’ list. And I was thrilled to hear “Mittens” once again. Frank was his usual lovely, entertaining, but also humble self on and off stage and it’s always a joy to experience.

Being able to be at the museum during the quick soundcheck, hearing the possibly first (semi-) public performance of “Bar Staff” and getting a quick hug from Frank on his way backstage was a treat as well. And I don’t know if I want to call it a ‘treat’, but I also managed to get yet another glimpse of what a “being on tour” day looks like for him and I can only repeat what I wrote last year after a similar experience at the record store in Swindon: I would not have the energy (physically and mentally) to ‘be Frank Turner’.

The regular show in the evening almost felt like an anti climax. I’m kidding, it was a great show at Victoria’s Warehouse. I knew the order of songs would be switched around from the run of shows last year and that kept it interesting enough. And to sing and dance along to your favourite songs is always fun. I also enjoyed the touch of “big arena tour” they added to the stage and how they used it. The screen, the flames, the fireworks and yes, even the pink confetti in the end.

On a personal more introspective level and that’s what this blog is all about after all: I really need to be more ‘present’ at the next show tonight. Last night I caught myself too often (even for my own taste) fiddling with my camera to snap some nice photos. But we were standing in the middle of the crowd too far away from the stage so that was a vain attempt anyway. I didn’t want to give up though, which even I found a bit worrying after a while. I have enough good show photos of Frank to last a life time. So tonight I plan to only get my camera out to take a few photos of some of the neat “big arena” stuff towards the end of the set.

Along the same line of ‘personal and introspective’: It’s always an extra special shameful feeling when you catch yourself thinking bitchy unkind thoughts about some people around you during a show of the “Be More Kind” world tour. Ugh. I really need and want to do better in this regard too. I think I’m doing alright in being more kind in my everyday life, but in those situation when my fangirl emotions run high I still fail a bit. I’m a work in progress, like we all are, right?

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