Travelling Fangirl, January 2019 – Day 3

Back to regular Travelling Fangirl content. Yesterday, Saturday 26th January was Day 3…

Sleep? Almost 7 hours. Quite all right even with all the past and future excitement on my mind.

Coffee, Cake & Chocolate? Yes. Coffee at breakfast, at the Velodrome and also later back home. Also… Yummy brownies, a few bites of Mississippi Mud Pie and a few chocolates with a late night hot chocolate after the gig. I did put “Chocoholic” in my Twitter profile for a reason.

For the first time? Watching Track Cycling at the UK National Championship at the Velodrome in Manchester. The sprints and also the Scratch Races were impressive to watch.

Favourite song of the night? “One Foot Before The Other”, because I just didn’t expect to hear it. “Glorious You” in solo acoustic version, which is always lovely.

Show #2303 in general? It was a great one with a great setlist (see above) and an amazing crowd. At least from where we stood at the sounddesk it looked and sounded really really good.

My State of Health? Ouch! Seriously I’m getting too old for this. My back and legs are mad at me and my voice is on the way out. Work will be interesting on Tuesday. But at least I remembered to drink enough water throughout the day, that always makes a huge difference.

Been More Kind? Yes, I think so. In thoughts and actions. I’ve also been more “present” at this show, I think, and it does make a difference.

Lyric of the day…

“We’re not just saving lives, we’re saving souls and having fun”

It’s from “I Still Believe”, the song that got me into Frank’s music and probably one of his songs I’ve heard the most often. Every once in a while I have epiphanies over some of his wonderful lyrics. These moments when words you’ve heard many times before suddenly make more sense or sense in a new and different way. This usually happens though, when I’m listening to Frank in my car, not during a gig. But there you go. And yes, of course I mean my life and soul here and how much Frank with his music has changed it.

Onwards? Off to Leeds tonight. “One more fucking time…”

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